Featured Models! #schnappyturtle

I wanted to take some time to explain what all of this means because you may be contacted by me to have your child be one of my featured models!
First off, this is a brand new idea for me.  During sessions I make sure to focus on the shots you are paying me for and always take time to get candid shots, but I’m still sometimes limited based on timing and I’m not able to get the artistic shots I really want to get.  This is where my featured models come in!

What I do is take my featured model out for a one on one session to multiple locations.  In exchange for allowing me the time to photograph them, I get full artistic rights during the session and you receive all of the photos I choose and edit at no cost.  That means I’m going to be very precise in what outfits they bring, poses I have them in and even the locations we go to.  The whole point of these sessions are to get the shots I want.

Meet Sailor.  I took family photos of her family not that long ago and knew I wanted to use her for this idea I had.   I messaged her Mom on Facebook and let her know my idea and she and Sailor both were very excited!  I communicated to her the visions I had and what I needed from her to help make them a reality.  Sailor showed up excited for photos and was fantastic to work with. (which I knew she would be!)

We spent just over 2 hours together going to multiple different locations at Golden Ponds in Longmont and I took close to 200 photos of her. My intent with featured model is to feature them for a week on my social media under the hashtag #schnappyturtle
That means with 2 hours worth of photography, I’m limiting myself to 7 which I’ve already found out is a bad idea because I can’t just choose 7.  First world problems I know.  I’ve decided with these, I’m just going to pick all of my favorites and use them and if that means I’m posting more then 1 a day, then  I was able to get the photos I wanted!



I had so much fun working with Sailor.  Directing her and how responsive she was and even her throwing out ideas on shots she thought might be fun to do.  The maturity she has at 7 years old, her natural beauty and how quickly she was to move from spot to spot as I asked was impressive to say the least!
My next featured model has been chosen.  I’ve done pictures of her before so I know you’ll recognize her.  Her series of shots will be different in many ways, but will still be my artistic vision!  I can’t wait to meet up with her and share the images with you!

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