Wedding Photography

Some of you may remember the Vietnamese Engagement Party I photographed back in September of last year.  It was a really great time celebrating the couples engagement and also for me because I learned a lot about the Vietnamese culture!  As soon as the engagement party was over, the couple had the fun of planning their dream wedding!  I was fortunate enough to photograph their wedding as well and wanted to share with you a little bit of how the day went.

At 7:30am I arrived at the grooms house where his family had gifts waiting on the table to be taken to the brides family at her house.  This was very similar to the engagement party.  I took some family photos, a beautifully decorated car and the gifts that would be given.

Next we headed to the brides house!  This is where the groom was able to get the first look of his bride in her beautiful wedding dress!docterweddinga-80Her beautiful Mom walked her down the staircase to the entire family of both sides waiting to see her!
There was a lot of gifts given to the couple before the gifts from his family was opened and shared among us all.  They socialized, met family that came from out state as well as out of the country then it was time to head to the church for the ceremony!
docterweddinga-151All loaded up and ready to be taken to the church to make it official!!

I followed them to the church and actually managed to get there before them to get some pictures of the outside of the church, however I didn’t take too many because they were replacing some huge piece of equipment which didn’t make for very nice photos.
The ceremony was beautiful!  Both English and Vietnamese languages and I was able to travel around discretely to get multiple angles and get all of the shots I knew I needed and wanted to get.

docterweddinga-176 docterweddinga-320
After the ceremony we spent some time getting family photos then headed back to the grooms house for an amazing lunch!
My first experience with Vietnamese food was at their engagement party and it was so good!  Lunch consisted of so many types of food and it was nice to capture some images of her family coming to his house for the first time.  Very relaxed atmosphere and gave everyone time to unwind before the reception.
melindaweddingb-25 melindaweddingb-35
The bride, groom and I went to a local park and got some more intimate pictures.  They were both ready to relax so we didn’t take too long.  We stayed close to the grooms home, snapped some serious photos, some fun photos and even a photo of the groom photobombing an individual photos of the bride.  (and yes, they get to keep them all!)

The reception was at the same restaurant as the engagement party so it was nice to be familiar with the venue prior to the event.  I was able to relax just a bit and enjoy the 9 course meal with the occasional getting up to snap pictures of karaoke, the cake cutting and the first dance.


This was an incredible day of photography! I shot over 1000 photos and delivered the couple 824 photos in an online album.  I will be delivering them a thumb drive of the photos and they also receive a print release to the photos.  Thank you Melinda and Nick for allowing me to photograph such an important day!

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