Yearly Photography Plan

Thank you for stopping by to read more about my yearly photography plan!  I’ll get to the important parts… the cost and (generally) what’s included.  $325 for four 1-hour sessions throughout the year.  Additional cost you may decide to do is a $40 cost to have the rights to download all of the photos from all 4 sessions, otherwise you are guaranteed 5 edited images to download per session.  I guarantee at least 25 images per session.  There are limitations on locations which the contract outlines in detail.  You will also receive a discount on life event photography (weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc).
I have so many families that want to have photos done more than once a year, especially those with younger children because they change so quickly!  Typically I charge between $110-$160 per hour long session so you can see how great of a deal this is.  I understand $365 can be a big expense if you decide to pay in full, which is why I also offer a payment plan.  I require $100 down payment then will bill you $75 quarterly.  The only limitation going with the payment plan has is that I require at least 2 months in between sessions.  Payment in full allows sessions to be scheduled anytime.
I hope to work with a lot of new families and that this gives everyone the ability to get professional photos taken on a regular basis.  If you are interested, please go to the contact page and send me an email and I can send you a digital copy of the contract to review!